The current features in GWB#

As we have learned before, the world in GWB is described by a list of features. First looking at a map that illustrates geologic and tectonic features will help you build GWB models. All features are named based on nomenclature typically used in the Earth sciences.

These features can be divided into three different kinds based on how they can be identified on a map: Area features, Line features, and Point features.

Area features#

In Painting in the world we were already introduced to the area feature. This is the oceanic plate feature we use there. Other examples of area features are the continental plate and mantle layer features. We will explain how they work in practice in the Basic Starter Tutorial.

The list of all area features is:

  • “continental plate”

  • “mantle layer”

  • “oceanic plate”

Line features#

Line features are named after what they look like on a map: a line. These lines still represent 3D objects. For example, in Painting in the world, this feature is used in thesubducting plate feature. We will explain how these features work in practice in the Basic Starter Tutorial.

The list of all line features is:

  • “fault”

  • “subducting plate”

Point features#

Point features are defined by a single point. Potential future features could be a diapir feature, but that currently does not exist yet.

The list of all point features is:

  • “plume”