Building documentation

Building documentation#

To build the documentation locally, you first need to ensure you have the right Python packages installed. The list of packages required to build the documentation is located in $WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR/doc/requirements.txt, and can be installed using

pip install -r $WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR/doc/requirements.txt

Now that the Python packages are installed, we need to toggle the option in cmake to build the target for the GWB documentation, this can be done using the interactive GUI ccmake and enabling WB_BUILD_DOCUMENTATION or by running the following command:


This adds the target for the documentation in $WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR/build/doc, to finish building the documentation run the final commands:

make manual

This compiles the sphinx documentation, which will be built in $WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR/build/doc/sphinx.