What is the GWB?

What is the GWB?#

The geodynamic models can be divided in three broad classes.

  1. Simple synthetic models:

    This class involves simplistic geometries for generic modeling that are easy to make and parameterize. These are good for simplified problems and benchmarks.

  2. Data driven models:

    This class consists of initial conditions (semi-)automatically derived from datasets like tomography. These are often used for instantaneous models.

  3. Complex synthetic models:

    This case blends complex 3d interpretation-driven detailed geometrical features and thermal fields. This can be useful to parameterize instantaneous models or make setups for models starting in the past.

The GWB has been designed to make the third case a lot easier, but can also be used to design simple synthetic models, and several types of datasets are supported to be used to setup models in a way which aligns with the GWB design philosophies.

Besides setting up initial conditions for geodynamic models, the GWB can also be used to make detailed 3D visualizations of geologic and geodynamic settings (see The gwb-grid app)